Product Category: F Family - 70% Fluorine Terpolymers
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Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC is fortunate to be the Distributor of Rubber Polymers for three "World Class" manufactures: DuPont Neoprene Polychloroprene, Vamac® Ethylene Acrylic Elastomer (AEM) and Viton™ Fluoroelastomer - ExxonMobil Chemical, Exxon™ Butyl, Exxon™ Bromobutyl, Exxon™ Chlorobutyl and Vistalon™ Ethylene Propylene Diene (EPDM) - Zeon Chemical Nipol® IR Polyisoprene
VITON™ F-605C Sheet
Viton™ F-605C is a new generation incorporated cure "F-family" terpolymer designed for compression and transfer molding of seals, gaskets, and O-rings that require excellent fluids resistance to today's automotive fuels.