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New Developments and Technologies from a Name You Trust Since 1931, Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC has been actively involved in the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers market, constantly striving to develop new technologies for this ever-changing market. Our focus on new product development allows Vanderbilt to continue to meet the needs of our customers.
Accelerators, Activators, Crosslinking Agents
Adhesives are expected to withstand many stresses and strains in numerous applications. Crosslinking the polymer not only increases the overall strength of the adhesive, but can be especially useful in increasing the cohesive strength of the finished product.
Polymers are expected to withstand many stresses and strains, including heat and long-term storage. The antioxidants and antioxidant synergists supplied by Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC will greatly improve the heat and oxidative resistance of these compounds, which in turn will help with the retention of original physical properties. The additives listed below can help to limit, if not eliminate, the damaging effects of these stresses on the performance of the adhesives.
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC has established long-term relationships with companies such as: DuPont™, ExxonMobil Chemical and Songwon. We make it a priority to provide you with the products you need to enhance your product's performance.
Processing and Reinforcing Agents
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC offers a number of industrial minerals designed to improve the physical properties of our customers' formulated products. C.A.S.E. composites consisting of a mineral and resin, balanced in an optimized blend, offer performance advantages not easily achieved by resins alone. Our line of reinforcing agents provide a range of particle shapes that help to achieve desirable properties and cost. Plus many have been formulated to ease customer processing and compounding needs. Vanderbilt minerals are generally successful in balancing technical, cost, and supply considerations.
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC is a proud distributor of ExxonMobil Chemicals’ Escorez™ Tackifiers. ExxonMobil has a strong track record of leadership in the adhesive industry, bringing innovative products to the market for more than 50 years. They offer a broad portfolio of polymers and premium tackifiers and with their world-class technology and industry-leading expertise, we help our customers develop unique solutions through polymer science.