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Creation of new shapes/designs and materials of construction in the metal working process often results in high friction, high temperature and tool wear. Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC provides specialized additives to meet these new demands being placed on the metalworking lubricant. Our range of high performance corrosion inhibitors can minimize the ferrous and non-ferrous alloys corrosion by water. We also offer a wide range of extreme pressure, friction reducer and antiwear additives to enhance lubricity and extreme pressure performance and thereby reduce friction and wear between cutting tool and work piece.
VANLUBE® 407 Lubricant Additve is a liquid blend of octylated phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine with other proprietary antioxidants.
Lubricant Additive
VANLUBE® AZ is used in engine oils, in industrial oils, and in soap and clay-thickened greases.
VANLUBE EZ is a multifunctional additive that imparts excellent antiwear, extreme pressure, corrosion resistance, and antioxidant properties to industrial lubricants and greases.
VANLUBE 996E is a liquid, ashless antioxidant recommended for use in lubricating oils.
TPS™ 44
Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives
TPS™ 44 is di-tert-butyl polysulfide used in formulation of industrial and automotive gear oils and greases.
TPS™ 32
Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives
TPS™ 32 is di-tert-dodecyl polysulfide with a high active sulfur content.
TPS™ 20
Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives
TPS™ 20 is di-tert-dodecyl polysulfide used as an antiwear and extreme pressure additive in applications where inactive sulfur is required.