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Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC offers a number of industrial minerals designed to improve the physical properties of our customers' formulated products. C.A.S.E. composites consisting of a mineral and resin, balanced in an optimized blend, offer performance advantages not easily achieved by resins alone. Our line of reinforcing agents provide a range of particle shapes that help to achieve desirable properties and cost. Plus many have been formulated to ease customer processing and compounding needs. Vanderbilt minerals are generally successful in balancing technical, cost, and supply considerations.
Dispersing Agent
Nondiscoloring dispersing agent for preparing high solids dispersions.
Dispersing Agent
Dispersing and emulsifying agent with selective action. Particularly effective with zinc oxide, clays and sulfur.
DARVAN® 1 Spray Dried
Dispersing Agent
General purpose precisely controlled anionic dispersing agent that has a consistent color, retains little moisture in storage, and has a high level of active ingredients.
Dispersing Agent
General purpose dispersing agent. Can be used in NR and SR latexes.