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Our Laboratories, Our Suppliers, Our New Products, Our People The Vanderbilt Plastics Department prides itself on our ability to provide more tools for your toolbox by working closely with our customers to help solve compounding and stabilization problems. Our emphasis on new-product development enables us to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of today's plastics industry. We have a wide range of products for the plastics industry, including polymer stabilizers, polymer reinforcing agents, and polymer modifiers
Candle Stabilization Solutions
More Tools for Your Toolbox Vanderbilt Chemicals LLC offers an extensive line of stabilizers to the candle industry – VANOX® antioxidants and VANSORB™ UV absorbers. Protect your candle brand with performance enhancing candle stabilization solutions.
Polymer Stabilizers
More Tools for Your Toolbox Vanderbilt Chemicals LLC offers an extensive line of stabilizers including Phenolic, Phosphite and Amine Antioxidants along with Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers, UV Absorbers, Metal Deactivators and Scorch Inhibitors. Vanderbilt is the U.S. and Canadian distributor for Songwon International Americas Inc.
Polymer Modifiers and Reinforcing Agents
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC offers a number of polymer reinforcing agents and modifiers that can be used to improve your products.
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC is a proud distributor of ExxonMobil Chemicals’ Escorez™ Tackifiers. ExxonMobil has a strong track record of leadership in the adhesive industry, bringing innovative products to the market for more than 50 years. They offer a broad portfolio of polymers and premium tackifiers and with their world-class technology and industry-leading expertise, we help our customers develop unique solutions through polymer science.